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CyclingUp: Göscheneralpsee

Region: Switzerland
Climbing effort: 602 cep
Elevation meters: 703
Steepest kilometer: 11.0%

Steepest 250 m: 13%
Foot: 1102 m    Top: 1797 m
Mean slope: 7.1%
Length: 9.8 km

From: Göschenen
Road conditions (2020): good
Other race bikers: 0-1 per hour
Motor vehicles: 10-30 per hour
Scenery and road: circle landscape (4/5)
Restaurant or bar near top: yes

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Profile Göscheneralpsee

If you are in the region around Andermatt and you are looking for an alternative for the wide and busy roads that lead to well-known passes like the Gotthard and the Furka, then the climb from Göschenen to the Göscheneralpsee definitely is a good idea. The route is short (just under 10 kilometers) and runs on a quiet road, which for a mountain specialist is often pleasantly steep. Yet the first three kilometers are easy (2-4%), except for a 9% 500-meter segment just after the beginning. Though the first three kilometers may serve as a warm-up, the hardest part of the climb immediately follows after that: three kilometers with an average gradient of 9.8%. The last three kilometers then start at the campsite. In the beginning these are somewhat less steep (a kilometer of 7%) but towards the end the required effort gets hard again (9-10%). Finally cycle from the parking lot past the barrier up to the dam. This is the finish and one may enjoy the lake with the snow- and ice-covered mountain range of the Winterberg behind. Warning: bring illumination for one of the tunnels of this climb.

Profile Göscheneralpsee Göscheneralpsee

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