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Scenery and road

CyclingUp: Scenery and road

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Experience surroundings

5: Superbly beautiful climb
4: Climb of above-average beauty
3: Climb of average beauty
2: Climb of below-average beauty
1: Hardly beautiful climb

Col de la Cayolle

Category 5: Col de la Cayolle-north (French Alps)

Under the title "Landscape & Road" a mark is given for the perception of the surroundings. The surroundings include both the landscape and the elements added by men, such as buildings, roads and, for example, high-voltage cables and masts. High values are limited to ascents with views on impressive mountains and mountain chains, and ascents through valleys with a pleasant variation of forests, meadows and farms, and a beautiful stream or river. Also, a narrow street and little traffic result in a pleasant perception of the area. Low values are given to rides through an area with many buildings, rides across a wide road with much traffic and in a monotonous landscape, for example a dense forest with scarce opportunities for views or a little exciting mountain landscape.

Cormet de Roselend

Category 4: Cormet de Roselend-west (French Alps)

Passo del Mortirolo

Category 3: Passo del Mortirolo (Italian Alps)

The notes range from 1 (least attractive surroundings) to 5 (the most beautiful ascents). A three is assigned to a climb of average beauty and does not mean moderate! During a climb rated with a 3 one can fully enjoy the surroundings. Indeed, mountains are fantastic. I would not necessarily advise against a climb with the grade 2. It just means that most other climbs are more beautiful. An ascent with grade 4 is thus above average. I would like to stress that the grades express the assessment of the webmaster.


Category 2: Berninapass-south (Switzerland)

Since the characteristics of the low mountain ranges (Black Forest and Vosges) differ from those of the high mountains (the other regions of this site), the criteria are adapted to the type of mountain range (high or low). A climb in the Black Forest with a grade 5 is one of the most beautiful of the low mountain ranges but would probably have received a lower grade had it been located in the Alps.


Category 1: Courchevel-altiport (French Alps)

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