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Passo di San Antonio-south

CyclingUp: Passo di San Antonio-south

Region: Italian Alps
Climbing effort: 585 cep
Elevation meters: 642
Steepest kilometer: 11.3%

Steepest 250 m: 13%
Foot: 845 m    Top: 1476 m
Mean slope: 7.5%
Length: 8.5 km

From: Auronzo di Cadore
Road conditions (2017): average
Other race bikers: 5-10 per hour
Motor vehicles: 30-60 per hour
Scenery and road: circle landscape (2/5)
Restaurant or bar near top: no

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Passo di San Antonio-south

Profile Passo di San Antonio-south

This climb to the Passo di San Antonio, also called Passo del Zovo, from Auronzo is not really easy. Although the number of elevation meters is limited to only 642, the road contains a long and steep section. Between kilometer one and seven all five-hundred-meter intervals have a slope of 9 or 10% (9.5% on average). Within this steep part, more exactly after the second hairpin bend, also lies the steepest 250 meter section of the ride (13%). Thanks to the total of sixteen hairpin bends, the ride is certainly not boring. However, views are scarce because almost the whole trip takes place in the forest. During the final, easy, one and a half kilometers the road runs up and down alternatingly.

Profile Passo di San Antonio-south Passo di San Antonio-south

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