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Passo di Valparola-northwest

CyclingUp: Passo di Valparola-northwest

Region: Italian Alps
Climbing effort: 575 cep
Elevation meters: 803
Steepest kilometer: 9.4%

Steepest 250 m: 11%
Foot: 1429 m    Top: 2192 m
Mean slope: 5.3%
Length: 14.3 km

From: Stern
Road conditions (2016): good
Other race bikers: >25 per hour
Motor vehicles: 60-180 per hour
Scenery and road: circle landscape (4/5)
Restaurant or bar near top: no

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Passo di Valparola-northwest

Profile Passo di Valparola-northwest

The climb to the Passo di Valparola from the Val Badia ranks among the most beautiful of the Dolomites. The view is dominated for a long time by the Cunturines peak (3064 m), from the point of view of the rising cyclist on the left. Also the views backwards across the Val Badia are impressive. The final section of the climb is very special. A few hundred meters before the pass one gets to the Museo de la Guerra. The museum may not be so beautiful but through the pass several splendid and typical Dolomite peaks are visible, including the Punta Gallina (2518 meters). The trip begins at a road junction in Stern. After a short descent (22 elevation meters) the next six and a half kilometers run through the densely populated Valle de San Cassiano. The slope varies greatly (0-8%) but the really hard work is still waiting. This begins where the road turns right, after the last buildings, The following seven kilometers up to the Museo de la Guerra are demanding (6-9%). The double-digit range is only reached in a 250 meter section at some 500 meters before the museum (11%). The final kilometer after the museum is easy (3%).

Profile Passo di Valparola-northwest Passo di Valparola-northwest

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