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CyclingUp: Pfänder-north

Region: Austria
Climbing effort: 546 cep
Elevation meters: 659
Steepest kilometer: 10.7%

Steepest 250 m: 12%
Foot: 420 m    Top: 1004 m
Mean slope: 5.3%
Length: 11.1 km

From: Lochau
Road conditions (2021): average
Other race bikers: 0-1 per hour
Motor vehicles: <10 per hour
Scenery and road: circle landscape (3/5)
Restaurant or bar near top: yes

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Profile Pfänder-north

The Pfänder (1064 m) is Bregenz's local mountain, known for the Pfänder tunnel through which the A14 runs. From Lochau, a few kilometers north of Bregenz, two paved routes lead to a crossing (Moosegg, 1004 m) not far from the summit of the Pfänder. The variant described here is the longest (11.1 kilometers). After a short approach (3%) the hardest part of the trip follows, 3.5 kilometers with all 500 meter segments having a gradient of 9, 10 or 11%. This section ends in Eichenberg. I found it boring because the street is wide and views are missing due to the forest on both sides of the road. After Eichenberg there is a lot more variety. The road initially slopes between gently and moderately (2-7%) but a little more than two kilometers further on, after turning right into a side street, another kilometer of 9.3% follows. The rest of the route follows the crest of the ridge, more or less. Here the road runs alternately up- and downhill, and one may enjoy a beautiful hilly landscape with a wide view of the Bregenzerwald. An even greater panorama, over Lake Constance and many alpine peaks, unfolds at the mountain station of the Pfänderbahn (a gondola lift). This viewpoint is situated about 1 kilometer from the end of the ascent (Moosegg) and can be reached by bike.

Profile Pfänder-north Pfänder-north

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