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Bödele Losenpass-west

CyclingUp: Bödele Losenpass-west

Region: Austria
Climbing effort: 628 cep
Elevation meters: 700
Steepest kilometer: 10.5%

Steepest 250 m: 11%
Foot: 440 m    Top: 1140 m
Mean slope: 8.4%
Length: 8.3 km

From: Dornbirn
Road conditions (2022): good
Other race bikers: 0-1 per hour
Motor vehicles: 60-180 per hour
Scenerie and road: circle landscape (2/5)
Restaurant or bar near top: yes

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Bödele Losenpass-west

Profile Bödele Losenpass-west

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Profile Bödele Losenpass-west Bödele Losenpass-west

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