CyclingUP in Northwest Spain

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For the cyclist interested in climbing, north-west Spain offers the roads of the Cantabrian Mountains, a range stretching from west to east at some 50 kilometers from the north coast. The highest peak is the Torre de Cerrado (2648 m) in the Picos de Europa. The most famous climb is that to the Alto d'Angliru, with its steepest kilometer of 17.5% and in recent years often decisive in the Vuelta. This web site offers merely three climbs from northwest Spain, all situated in a relatively small region near the western border of the Picos de Europa and in the province of Asturias. The most remarkable of these three is the ascent known as the Lagos de Covadonga, also a kind of monument of the Vuelta. Its steepest kilometer (La Huesera) has a slope of 13.4%.

RANKING of the climbs


Rank Name of climb Diffi-
km (%)
slope (%)
1 Lagos de Covadonga 960 1070 83-1118 13.4 6.2 17.2
2 Mirador del Fito-north 520 578 24-585 10.9 7.7 7.5
3 Puerto del Pontón-north 448 959 330-1282 6.7 3.9 24.6


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