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Region: Andalusia
Climbing effort: 612 points
Elevation meters: 965
Steepest kilometer: 8.0%

Steepest 250 m: 10%
Foot: 51 m    Top: 1008 m
Mean slope: 5.9%
Length: 16.5 km

From: Aguadulce
Road conditions (2019): excellent
Other race bikers: 5-10 per hour
Motor vehicles: 60-180 per hour
Scenerie and road: (2/5)
Restaurant or bar near top: no



This was the first of 12 climbs, which we made in 2019 during a bicycle tour through Andalusia. The road was wide and to our surprise the road surface was almost perfect, two aspects that turned out to be typical of Andalusia. Just like the lack of a sign or anything else to indicate the location of the pass. This ride is not really beautiful, largely because this part of Andalusia is quite or even utterly dry. One may, however, enjoy the views of the Mediterranean while some white villages catch the eye. The climb includes a good number of elevation meters (965), largely gained via a moderately steep slope (6-7%). The steepest kilometer begins after the side road to Felix, after almost nine kilometers of cycling. There is quite some car traffic, that fortunately gets less the closer one gets to the pass.

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